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“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” Seth Godin. Apart from capturing people’s attention, stories are great tools to help you remain memorable. When leveraged correctly, storytelling is a very powerful weapon.

How? We’re so glad you asked.


We have a collaborative process to co-create your refined brand story and a winning brand strategy that guarantees memorable touchpoints and increased brand awareness.

time scope

1-3 months
Ideas don’t grow overnight and great persona segmentation takes time and thought.

it is for you if

  • you feel alienated from your target audience and aren’t sure of their interests, pain points and concerns
  • you want to evolve your messaging and brand positioning
  • you want to discover how to provide value to your buyers
  • you need to pinpoint what your true value proposition is
  • you want to know what tone of voice resonates with your target audience
  • you want employ storytelling as a tool to transform your brand, stand out from the noise, and grow
  • you want to launch a new product / or expand into a new market and need to come up with a strategy
  • you want to validate or run ideas by like-minded industry experts on a rolling basis

it is NOT for you if

  • you’re looking for a content calendar with no thought
  • you want to disregard your target audience, their problems, and the way they look for solutions and new partners
  • you want to keep spending you and your teams’ time and effort on the wrong things


  • persona research & buyer personas
  • elevator pitch
  • unique value proposition
  • tone of voice guide
  • brand story & messaging
  • strategy consultancy

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