The Rodeo™

Not having a direction / goal means you’re getting nowhere. Stop wasting marketing money on random communications. Get to know your audience and influence their journey.


The Rodeo™ is a comprehensive growth solution for insights companies. It includes strategy, creative and delivery all together to create and execute a holistic brand and marketing strategy.

There's no one-size-fits-most approach in B2B marketing and much less when it comes to insights and market research. The Rodeo™ is custom-tailored to each company's needs, goals and vision.

time scope

12+ months
The Rodeo™ focuses on long-term growth and not only on quick wins. Our minimum engagement is 12 months - consistency in marketing is key.

it is for you if

  • you work in the insights industry as a research agency, research platform/software or supplier
  • you want to achieve a steady and sustainable stream of high quality, interested prospects that want to buy from you
  • you want to establish yourself as an expert in your niche
  • you want to build long-term brand awareness and salience
  • you want a serious, consistent, and coherent brand image
  • you want to have a continuous relationship with like-minded industry experts to brainstorm, validate ideas and get extra strategy support
  • you want to break free from old and obsolete marketing approaches

it is NOT for you if

  • you are seeking quick wins and prefer lead quantity to quality
  • want to keep spending money on campaigns with no true ROI
  • you see marketing as a complement/accessory to sales and are unwilling to change your mind and approach
  • you tend to shy away from new and disruptive approaches


  • Refined brand story as per business vision and goals
  • Refined elevator pitch and value proposition
  • Updated brand identity and brand book (if applicable)
  • Website SEO audit and keyword strategy
  • Fortnightly consultancy calls (use it to brainstorm, bounce ideas off like-minded industry experts or just as a catch-up session)
  • Holistic marketing plan and calendar for 12 months (inbound + outbound)
  • CRM setup and management (if applicable)
  • Full execution of marketing campaigns in marketing plan (including copy, creative, delivery)
  • Social media management (up to 5 accounts)
  • Advanced thought leadership tools
  • Post-sale client nurture plans and strategy


    We start with understanding your brand and your core audience.We also do a brand audit to see what needs fixing first.
    Based on all we discover and all you know, we craft a brand story and an initial marketing plan making sure they are aligned with business goals.
    Then we define what parts of your brand we need to update/rehaul so that it speaks to your audience, and is in line with your branding and marketing strategy. 
    Here’s where we start creating and distributing valuable content that will take your brand to the next level. 
    We give you some powerful tools to get your brand name out there and start some thought leadership.
    Marketing does not stop at conversion. We’ll make sure your post-sale marketing is just as inspirational as the pre-sale one.

want a personalized offer?

If you don't need the whole solution, get only parts of it:

Brand Strategy & Messaging
Refined brand story and winning long-term strategy to guarantee content with personality to get that sweet ROI.
Content & Creative
Whether it's blog articles, case studies, social copy, a rebrand or just a few creatives, it's always on-brand.

Walk away with a biweekly digest of tips and best practices!

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Pulling strategy, visuals, and delivery together to transform your brand into a story that sells.
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